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"Almost" Links

just about every article out there today is bringing up the same stat.

The Mavericks with Jason Kidd:

* 0-6 record vs. winning teams

* 6.8 points avg. margin of loss

* 9-0 record vs. losing teams

* 18.4 points avg. margin of victory
That's great and all, but nothing matters until the playoffs. Right? Well, I can guarantee you right now that the Mavs won't go 0-6 in the postseason.


- Comeback was fools gold

- Mavs effort unforgivable

- Game was lost in the first half

- Interesting Game Flow last night. Look at the 5 on the court during the comeback.

- Clippers sign Fazekas

- True Hoop live blog

- Marc Stein thoughts

- Mike Fisher has running diary of the whole day