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The Thursday Morning Roundup

David Moore has a mailbag up and leads it off by saying the next two games against Boston and San Antonio are NOT must win.

What if the Mavericks beat the Celtics and Spurs yet lose at Denver and Golden State later this month? What if the team loses to the Lakers, Phoenix, Utah and New Orleans next month?
OK, there is no true "must-win" game in the regular season, but if the Mavs go 0-3 against other playoff teams at home then they just aren't good enough.


Randy Galloway rips into Jason Kidd for not competing and is starting to think his initial support of the trade might have been a misguided.
The Mavs looked better with little Tyronn Lue at the point. Plus, it was Jason Terry's offense that finally ignited the team.

Anybody who supported this trade (me) has to now be wondering.

Kidd's limited offense is no surprise. But he still has to be aggressive, even on the perimeter.

Kevin Sherrington took some shots at Kidd in his article too but still supports the trade and wants Kidd on the floor as much as possible.
Only Kidd can do that, and it's not looking so hot at the moment. The Mavs can't reinvent themselves at this point, nor should they. But as difficult as it is this late, the brain trust has to figure out how to take advantage of what Kidd brings.

If Johnson can't do it, then he has to answer for it.

Jeff Caplan looks at Kidd's performance against Western Conference teams and sees room for improvement.


Eddie Jones sure is taking an extremely long amount of time to get healthy. He hasn't played in almost a month and I'd actually forgotten what his injury was being called (it's knee tendinitis).


Around the NBA: Houston officially had losing streak going after losing by 21 to the Hornets last night.

Miami lost to Toronto 96-54. Ouch.

Sam Smith has officially accepted a buyout from the Chicago Tribune!


This Day in Mavs History
2001 Gary Trent sprained his left toe prior to the Portland game. He would miss the rest of the season due to the injury.