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Not All Wine and Roses in Mavs Land

There a lot of problems on the court right now. I think all Mavs fans can see that. What we can't see are the problems that are apparently arising off of it. I'll let Jeff Caplan explain.

After the Mavericks' grueling 102-100 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday, coach Avery Johnson took longer than usual to make his way to the interview room for his postgame media session.

Turns out there was a good reason. The tenseness of the game and the tightness of the playoff race apparently boiled over behind closed doors. Johnson and Mavs owner Mark Cuban, who watched the game from his usual baseline seat, engaged in a heated argument.

Cuban said the dispute was not over "anyone in particular," and he did not elaborate on what set off the spontaneous dialogue.

"It was one of our `exchanges' we have every so often," Cuban said. "Happens every year with every coach."

Sefko is reporting it as well


Both Johnson and Cuban downplayed the incident Wednesday, saying it was nothing out of the ordinary and there were no lingering problems. Johnson dismissed the situation, saying: "Everything's good."

Considering all the things we've heard from these two this season that turned out to be far from the truth (cough*kiddtrade*cough), it's not unreasonable to think the "everything's good" line might be a load.

I'm not sure why this story bothers me. I know "heated exchanges" happen, and if you're one of the people who think Cuban banned MacMahon for his post then Cuban clearly has Avery's back. But that's not really the point is it. What can Cuban and Avery fighting accomplish? How can it help? Can any good come of it?

Cuban, either fire Avery or leave him alone and let him do his job. Or maybe it was really nothing...

One thing that doesn't bother me at all is Avery taking his frustrations out on the players.

How feisty are the Mavs on the morning after the loss to the Lakers?

Backup players are being made to run windsprints.

Avery Johnson is snapping back angrily at silly media questions.
Johnson barked out the name of a player ("Juwan Howard!'') who had to go to the line and succeed at a pre-determined rate. And if the designated player didn't make the requisite number of FTs?

Windsprints for the rest of the team.

"Up and back!'' Avery screamed. "Up and back!''