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My New Favorite NBA Site

Yeah, I'm a stat geek, so bear with me--do yourself a favor and check out There are some incredibly cool analysis being done there that looks at teams and players in some interesting ways. Heck, you have to love a site where every day they predict who is going to win that night's games based on their analysis. My first glance at the predictions actually made me do a double-take: Their statistical model predicted Toronto would beat Detroit. I was wondering whether they were insane when, what do you know, Toronto beat Detroit. That rocks.

There's also an ever-increasing library of research articles. Here are some Mavs-related highlights:

On the front page there is a team trends table

  • The Mavs have been the most improved team on defense in the entire league over the past five games.
  • We have also been one of the teams declining the most on offense over the past five games.

In an article on defense
  • This season, Dallas has been the third worst team in the league at defending opposing point guards.
  • We have also been the ninth worst at defending opposing centers.
Hey, didn't we just trade a point guard and center?
  • On the positive tip, we are the fourth best at defending shooting guards.
  • We are also the sixth best at defending small forwards.
Overall, our defense is seventh in the league and, as mentioned, trending stronger dramatically.

Anyway, do yourself a favor and check it out. It very much underscores my biggest reason for optimism heading into the playoffs: With Kidd on board our defense has gone from slightly above average to dominant.