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Saturday Stuff

Goldent State and Denver play each other tonight.


Jeff Caplan writes about how the Mavs have to take better care of the ball then they have lately.

The Nuggets converted 17 Mavs turnovers into 23 points. The run-and-gun Warriors will offer many of the same relentless challenges. They rank second in the league in steals, behind Denver.

"We have to take care of the ball because both teams thrive on going for steals, getting their hands on balls, starting their transition and getting a lot of fastbreak points or a lot of 3-point opportunities," said Kidd, who had six turnovers against the Nuggets.

"So we have to take a little bit of pride in taking care of the ball and getting good shots. If we can do that, that maybe puts us in a position to win."
Kelly Dwyer had a crazy stat about the Mavs turnovers against Denver.
Dallas turned the ball over on 18.3 percent of its possessions (mark that would rank last in the NBA),
I'm guessing it's hard to win when a fifth of the time you have the ball you give it back to the other team.


Avery felt like he was getting picked on when he got a techincal in the Denver game.
"We're battling our butts off out there and we got two technicals," Johnson said. "I've definitely said worse. I'm the only coach in the league that says one word and gets a technical, and it doesn't even have to be a bad word; only coach in the league that gets technicals.

David Moore says the offense has to be better the rest of the season for Dallas to have a chance. At the bottom of the article he has information on how the NBA tiebreak system works -- there is a good chance that will be relevant information...


JFE has an article about Cuban and the Mavs. I didn't read it.


This Day in Mavs History
1999 Mavs Man, the team's mascot, suffered a torn right ACL after landing wrong on a completed trampoline dunk.