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Monday Stuff

Hmm, a disappointing but highly enjoyable game yesterday. It's actually pretty amazing that Dallas was able to stay close during the first three quarters with the way Dirk and Josh were playing. I guess you can thank Dampier for that.

Dampier finished Sunday's heartbreaking loss to the Lakers with 16 points and a season-high 17 rebounds. He made all seven of his shots and had six offensive rebounds. In 31 minutes, he was a game-changer at both ends of the floor.

Here's what Kidd had to say about his missed free throw that would have tied the game at 105.
"That falls on my shoulders to tie the game," said Kidd, admitting he knew he left it short when it left his hand. "I have to be able to step up and make that free throw."
I love quotes like that.

"I missed a free throw. That's my bad."

Ummm, yeah we know. He still had a good game overall so I won't complain too much -- especially while J5 is scoring 11 points on 4-15 and turning the ball over four times. And his defense left a lot to be desired.
a) Why would he drop down to double-team Gasol while leaving Kobe alone at the arc, as Josh did in the final five minutes? No way the Mavs coach that; b) Also late, on the switch, Josh allowed Odom to flash in front of him, and Howard barely jogged to keep up, and whadya know, Odom gets an offensive rebound; c) Tight game, four minutes left, Howard takes the ball right to a spot where he would draw Gasol, and settles for a mid-range jumper that Gasol easily blocks.

For one of the rare times all season, Howard wasn’t one of Avery’s go-to guys in the stretch run. Brandon Bass even got some of J-Ho’s time there.

Jason Terry says his shoulder will be fine.
"I felt something," he said. "I never had it happen before. For a minute, I couldn't feel my hand."
And he didn't even need a wheelchair.


I know it's really lame and not really in the spirit of the game, but you have to be dumb to not foul up three with a few seconds left. Thank for giving the Mavs a chance in overtime Phil.


This Day in Mavs History
1981 Brad Davis had 31 points, the Mavs' first ever 30-plus scoring game.