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Some Saturday Stuff

vs. New Jersey, vs. New York, vs. Charlotte, vs. Indiana, at Miami. --  If these coming games don't go well, it's officially panic time. Jim Reeves previewed the panic with all sorts of dramatic statements today.

Tonight could be a turning point that determines where this franchise goes over the next decade.
See what I mean?
Complaining that his team isn't penetrating enough or playing defense in the paint, as Avery did after the loss, is almost laughable after the Mavericks just traded away their best penetrator and one of their key inside defenders.
OK, so it's not all hyperbole...


David Moore has an article about Kidd's time with the Nets and has some quotes from Kidd about the Mavs just needing to build up confidence.


Caplan's article today ouches on all the things that need some improvement (defense, too many jumpshots, mental mistakes...)


Shar really wanted Tyronn Lue to be a Sun.
"He called one day like 12 times," Lue said. "He said, 'You've got to come out. I need you. I need you.'"

Chuck Carlton has a somewhat interesting piece about athletes trying to get their friends/relatives tickets when they play in their hometown.


Mike Fisher rounds up the Houston game fallout.


This Day in Mavs History
2001 Shawn Bradley had 20 rebounds, the 43rd time a Mavs player had 20+ rebounds and the 2nd of 2 times Bradley had 20+ rebounds with Dallas.