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Some April Fools Morning Links

The Mavs are in seventh! Yay.....


Well, that was a typical Mavs game last night. In fact, they've become hugely predictable since the Kidd trade.

Bad team in the East = Blowout win
Good team in the East = Loss
Above .500 team in the West = Loss
Below .500 team in the West = Win fairly easily but not convincingly.


I don't really like this quote from Jason Kidd about how LA got back in the game.

"It’s just basketball," Mavericks guard Jason Kidd said when asked how an undermanned Clippers team could have come back. "At that point, you just keep the ball and let the clock run out and move forward and make sure nobody gets hurt."
No, finish them!


Sefko applauds the Mavs and effort and quotes Avery as saying that if everyone plays as hard when Dirk gets back the team will be in good shape.

Speaking of Dirk...

He is going to try practicing today and if it goes well will play against the Warriors on Wednesday. Dirk did "light jogging" yesterday, but nobody sounds like they are really expecting him to be back.
"We don't want to put him out there and have him re-injure himself," he said. "Sometimes when a guy hurts an ankle or a knee, sometimes they tend to overcompensate and something else goes wrong."

This Day in Mavs History
1984 Clinched 1st ever playoff berth.