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Avery Johnson Sues for libel

While details are scant, Mavsmoneyball has learned that Dallas Mavericks head coach Avery Johnson has filed suit against late yesterday. In an email exchange, principal site author Greg [last name withheld by request] explained: "I can't say much on the advice of my attorney. But the basic facts are that Avery is unhappy with what I'm writing and is suing me for libel."

The Dallas Maverick press office was closed by the time we were informed of the lawsuit and Avery Johnson was unavailable with the team on the road in Los Angeles. However, team owner Mark Cuban replied via an email inquiry:

I can't and won't control what my employees do on their personal time, so I can't comment on anything Avery or anyone else does outside of the arena. However, I will say that if bloggers want to be held to the same standard as journalists, then they better be prepared to face the consequences.

With the threat of the lawsuit, is understandably silent, but we will follow this up as well as we can.

Update [2008-4-1 15:53:24 by Wes Cox]:For those who didn't realize, this is an April Fool's post. Avery is not the new George Karl.