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Another View On Jason Kidd's defense

Recently I've been talking about how great the defense of the Mavs has been since Kidd joined the team, despite the concern that the Mavs lost one of the best defensive point guards in the league in Devin Harris. Well, they guys over at At The Hive examined the league's point guards to see how good Chris Paul really is, and part of that analysis included Jason Kidd. How good is Kidd?

Well, according to adjusted +/- and the At The Hive analysis, Kidd is the third best defensive point guard in the league behind Beno Udrih and Rafer Alston. In fact, those three were the only three you could consider dominant defensive point guards, with Jameer Nelson a distant fourth.

Anyway, check it out, along with the analysis.

Hat tip to Hardwood Paroxysm