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I'm A Joe!

Mark Cuban outlined his new policy of seeing how bloggers can do in the locker room alongside traditional media beat reporters in a blog entry called "Bloggers In The Locker Room. It's the Pros vs the Joes." He invited bloggers to post examples of their writing in the comments, and then he would credential them if he felt that they were good enough. Well, I guess I passed the cut because the Mavs emailed me today and offered me credentials. I'm a Joe. :)

Actually, the interesting part is that I'm not sure if the comment was what did it. Before I posted the blog entry, I had emailed the Mavericks communication department with a credentials request, and the same department emailed me back with the approval. So perhaps there is actually a system being implemented here beyond the fun exercise on Mark's blog.

Regardless, I now have to:

  1. Buy a tape recorder.
  2. Figure out what the heck I'm going to write about and whom to ask questions.