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Nervmind About Dirk

The practice this morning didn't go as well as everyone had hoped, and he's likely out for tonights game.

"I've got to be pain free," Nowitzki said. "If I can't move out there, try to defend and move my feet, it really doesn't make any sense to be out there just hobbling around. It won't help anybody. I'd rather have somebody else out there 100 percent."

Tim MacMahon has the full transcript of Dirk's post-practice media session on the DMN blog.

Dirk says he doesn't anticipate being 100% by the end of the season and describes what he's able to do right now.

I can shoot, up-and-down jump and shoot, maybe one dribble. But it's the movement - the stop on a dime, go back on D on a turnover. It's the quick impact that's sore. The push-off, the one leg, the jump off of one leg ... All those movements is what's giving me problems.