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Jason Kidd and Game 5

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Kelly Dwyer went off on Jason Kidd this morning, saying that not only does he suck, but that he should definitely be suspended for game five because of his flagrant 2 on Pargo.

Actually, you can blame the Jason Kidd trade, only because Jason Kidd came through with another classic on Sunday: play horribly, watch as the TV talking heads defend him to no end post-game, and watch as the league whiffs on suspending this tired mug for Game 5.

And that's just a taste.

This gave me an idea for the latest poll -- not whether or not you think Kidd should be suspended for game five, but do you want Jason Kidd to be suspended for game five.

As a joke I was going to throw in an option that you want Josh Howard to be suspended, but I realized it would win in a blowout of game two proportions.