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The Fazekas Mistake

While I didn't see Fazekas getting much playing time behind Dirk and Bass, I was very disturbed at his being cut. On the one hand, someone had to go, and it may as well be the person third or fourth on the depth chart at power forward, but I also felt that the potential of Fazekas was worth the loss of Juwan Howard. Still, I kind of shrugged and moved on. The deal needed to happen, and Fazekas was pure potential at that point.

With his play on the Clippers, however, we are now starting to see that his D League numbers were no mistake. As "Wages Of Wins" statistician Dave Barri outlines on his blog, Fazekas' performance was predicted by a lot of people, from ESPN's John Hollinger to Erich Doerr to Dave Barri himself, and now it is starting to appear at least partially accurate.

As Barri concludes: "Even if Fazekas can't produce as a starter (and again, maybe he can), to produce so much off the bench against NBA second-string players is still worth something."

hat tip to Hardwood Paroxysm