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Bucks Fans Like Josh Howard

The Bucks blog Brew Hoop has a post up today saying the Milwaukee should be making a play for the seemingly available Josh Howard.

He proposes a Stackhouse and Howard for Redd trade and thinks it could make sense for both teams.  The Bucks save some money and Dallas gets a serious offensive threat to to play next to Dirk.

Overall, the chance to add a player of Howard's abilities while also helping mitigate future luxury tax concerns would seem hard to beat at this point, unless Hammond and Skiles think they can get more out of Redd by keeping him. Unfortunately, Redd's legacy in Milwaukee might make that difficult. While there's no doubt that Redd's scoring would be missed, at $17 million per season he simply isn't good enough to carry a franchise, a burden he wouldn't have in Dallas.

Anyway, it's a good read and nice to see that while Mavs fans may be down on Howard right now, he's still valued around the league -- at least by fans.