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An Important Carlisle Endorsement

The one Mavs opinion I was interested in hearing of Rick Carlisle as coach of the Mavericks was Jerry Stackhouse, and David Moore printed that today in the Dallas Morning News.

What's so interesting about Stackhouse's opinion? Well, you hear it from every sportswriter in Dallas: Jerry Stackhouse is the one Maverick player who never talks in soundbites. He doesn't hesitate to tell you how he feels, even if he sometimes steps on some toes. It is also important to note that Stackhouse thinks Avery Johnson is a fantastic coach. Finally, Stackhouse also played for Rick Carlisle in Detroit before he was traded to Washington. Put all the above together, and you have a recipe for some dynamic Stackhouse honesty.

So what did Stack have to say?

He's the best guy available and the best coach for our team with our personalities. He's the best fit without question. There are not enough positive things I can say about him.

Stack also addressed some specifics. A few of which are eye-opening in their illustation of Carlisle's strengths:

The knowledge to devise a play that results in a wide-open shot at the end of a close game? Stackhouse said Carlisle does it consistently.

The insights to give a player a tip that will help improve his game? Two staples of the Stackhouse repertoire, the post-up move at the free throw line and the jab step that creates space for a jump shot, were taught to him by Carlisle.

In short, we have a player who has lost one of his favorite coaches of all time and is excited about the new coach who is replacing him. As players go, it's an important Carlisle endorsement.