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This is just unbelievable. I am sure many of you have already seen, read or talked about this call the other night. This whole issue has me bugged on so many levels, I cant even begin to explain. It was a foul, no doubt about it. A "no call" happened, because Barry supposedly didnt "sell it". Why should he have to sell anything? Would that call have been made at any other point in the game? Yes.

Because the San Antonio Sterns have been a long time feel good story, and yet David Stern would love nothing more than to have the Finals ratings go through the roof with a Laker-Celtics series, the NBA came out and somewhat helped Sterns fans know that after further review, they were at fault and that "it appears a foul should have been called"

Wow. Did it appear to them that the shot clock should've been reset a few plays prior to that? I didnt see them say anything about that. Did it appear to them that D-Whistle got every ghost foul conceivable a few years ago in the Finals?

Only to help ease the minds of their beloved San Antonio team, would they make such a statement and single out that particular play. Never mind the billion other calls they have missed with the rest of the teams in the NBA.


Turns out though, that the likes of Manu and Raja Bell had better change up their games and stop flopping, or else they will actually OWE the NBA money next year the way their games are currently constructed. That's right, the NBA will now fine players for flopping.

So what happens if a flop is what determines a game, like say if Brent Barry had flopped to get that call the other night, the league looked down on it and fined him afterwards, and the Sterns somehow came away with the victory? Is that OK? Too many questions if you ask me, but I think something HAS to be done about it.


Josh and Cuban may have made some pretty unwise decisions to come out and ADMIT they have used pot before in the past, but at least they didnt get caught with it red handed. "Side-Show Bob" aka Joakim Noah of the Bulls, was strolling the streets of Gainsville, Fl. a few nights ago at 2 am in the morning, holding a cup of some sort of "dark-liquid" warranted a search, only to find that he was packing weed. Turns out he has been charged with possesion of weed and an open container.


[Note by Toddy, 05/29/08 11:35 AM MDT ] Also on another side note, looks like Avery WONT be coaching the Bulls next year, as Doug Collins has been reported in taking over that responsibility.... again.

Also funny to note, that this comes after he repeatedly stated to the Suns that he would NOT return to coaching, and wished to stay on the TNT crew instead and continue to be their biggest "fan" when he broad-casted their games.