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Monday Morning Links

Rick Carlisle still isn't official, but this quote from Donnie Nelson yesterday makes it sounds they are definitely in the negotiation stage.

On how the talks are going: "Negotiations take awhile. There's no timetable."

On when the hiring will happen, if at all: "When everyone feels it's right."

On the possibility of any snags: "We're keeping our options open, as they are. But it's going in a good direction."

Press conference later this week?


Kevin Sherrington jumps in a time machine and writes about the Mavs trying to sign a very interested Larry Brown to coach the team in 1996 and instead almost end up getting fined 5 million by the league office for tampering.

This is a hilariously pathetic read, and makes you really appreciate having component people in the front office now.


Mike D'Antoni is looking like the front runner in Chicago .  That's where I thought Avery had a good chance of ending up.


Sefko says the Mavs will have to get creative to fill the roster next season.


At least one Spurs fan isn't feeling too good their chances after New Orleans went up 2-0 last night.

Finley has no business playing in the NBA anymore, but the occasional big 3 masks the smell.  Bowen refuses to take only corner 3s on offense, but we let it slide because he can lock down on D.  Ime fumbles the ball out of bounds and goes long stretches where he looks like he'll miss fifty consecutive jumpers, but he's the only guy who just might punch a guy, so we ignore the fact he stinks.  Oberto can't guard anybody one and one and can't rebound, but he's crafty and an Argentine, so we just assume it's customary to bathe less in his country.  And Horry?  Well, we've all known Horry is dead for quite some time, but Pop apparently is immune to the smell of rotting flesh.

It's not wrong to take pleasure out of reading that is it?


Jim Reeves says Carlisle is another Avery.