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Is this it?


NBA/Getty Images

With all the hype and excitement leading up to this years playoffs and the inevitable Finals matchup of the Lakers and Celtics, is this as exciting as the NBA can get? I must say, as much as I dislike both of these teams in the Finals, I was actually looking forward to this matchup... but count on the NBA for screwing up that excitement.

Could it really be the teams that are playing right now? Or could it be that with the recent comments of Donaghy, I have/am losing more and more respect for the credibility of every call and no-call these refs make. Maybe also I am upset that he has yet to come out and say that some of his partners in crime had a hand in D-Whistle averaging some 22 ft's per game against us in the Finals a few years ago, which of course would send me more into orbit about this mess.

I find it hard to believe that many of us can really take these refs seriously because NO ONE, not you nor I, nor Kobe or Cuban, can really know what is a clean play vs what is a foul in this league today. There is no consistency, hence there is no credibility.

More importantly than us, are the players and coaches starting to turn on the Refs now also? Phil said after game 4 "The referees referee an illusion.". Of course fans of all sorts will want calls to go their teams way, but when the players, coaches, and possibly even the players union come out and start demanding that something be done... what then? Lock out? Great.

I know that Cuban has come out and said in the past that he would like some sort of independent personal separate from anything NBA to be brought on and oversee the reffing in the league? Would this solve the problem? Probably not, but it might settle some doubt in our minds that at least SOMETHING is being done. It might bring back excitement to what should be the most entertaining Finals since the Jordan era.