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He's back!!  Well, at least for the summer league team to help us fill up our roster.  As many of you know, I was pretty bugged when we let him go for nothing this last season, when he was replaced by unknown Brandon Bass... boy was I wrong about this move!  He to me is a smaller version of Bass, without the jumpshot.  Definitely has the power dunks though.  I wish him the best of luck this summer with the Mavs and hope he can be brought on and contribute. 

In Italy, he played for Benetton Treviso in the Italian A League and averaged 8.3 points and 9.2 rebounds.


Cuban vs Nellie

They are headed to arbitration, seems as though Cuban is going to have to eventually pay up, unless he comes up with some pretty good reasoning as too why he shouldnt have to pay.

You have to start wondering if this has any sort of impact on Donnie's (Nelly's son) and Cubans relationship.


The Dirk vs Pierce debate continues... and from a Celtics point of view here... More on this later from me.


R.I.P. Reunion Arena... Home of the many Dallas Mavericks hustle points, but not a lot of victories.


Rick-O spends time with Dirk in Germany


Jason Kidd makes Olympic team... should we be concerned that the 35 year old is playing ball this summer?  I am... So is Mark.  Besides, Chris Paul kicked his butt, and I think would do better there anyway.


Should Kidd play in the Olympics this year?

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