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Draft Day: Open Thread


ESPN: June 26, 2008 6:00 PM CST

Draft coverage has been going on all week on ESPN, not much though on the Mavs other than we MAY make a move in the first round in buying a pick of some sort. Count me in as one of those who believe we will... better yet, we BETTER.

So put your predictions in before it starts, and hopefully by the time the 1st round is done, we will have somehow acquired a pick for that round either by trade or by Cuban's wallet, or been involved in some sort of trade to BETTER the team and get YOUNGER.

Here is the order in which teams will pick for the first round, and the second round, in which they have us picking Malik Hairston from Oregon. This of course is pending any trades that will more than likely happen through out the night. Here is the info on the top 100 prospects that you can reference, should we pick someone else up in the first or in the second that you may not know much about. It's ESPN's take, so use caution.


To get things kicked off here, here is a GREAT interview Mike Fisher did with Donnie Nelson in which he covered everything from expectations of the team this year, to SOME (didnt name any names for obvious reasons) pre draft guys who they were looking at, to Avery not getting even really getting an interview after he was let go.


I was hoping NJ would maybe let us buy back our pick... looks like that wont happen


Clippers need a PG (Terry!!!!!!) and Ben Gordon and Hinrich are on the trading block.... but Dallas was NOT brought up as being possible candidates in the Bulls trading sight should they take Rose. I think if AJ would have landed there, something with them would have been more probable.


Atlanta could be looking to sign and trade Josh Smith (If we can pull this off for Howard, this is by far my favorite deal.)


[Note by Toddy, 06/26/08 1:43 PM MDT ] Draft day update: