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Sign-and-Trade for Diop?

The one certainty going into the free agency window (which opens tonight), is that the Mavs want Diop back -- so much so that the Mavs might be willing to use their full  mid-level exception to bring him back.

Since that would pretty much end the offseason, most us aren't a fan of that idea, but Sefko says today that the Mavs are trying to acquire Diop through a sign-and-trade, which would leave the Mavs with the MLE to work with.

The Mavericks... are believed to have interest in retaining the services of Devean George, J.J. Barea and Antoine Wright.

One or more of those could be used in a sign-and-trade for DeSagana Diop, who is believed to be one of the Mavericks' top targets in free agency.

How would that be for an ironic twist of fate?  Use Deavan's bird rights to send him to New Jersey for Diop...

Maybe that's how it was drawn up all along.


Oh, and please keep Antoine Wright.