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Want Him or Don't Want Him: Devean George


Contract Status
Year $$$$ Age @ End of Season
08/09 Out of Contract 31

07/08 Stats GP GS MPG PPG FG% 3P% FT% RPG APG PER (NBA Rank)
Devean George 53 4 15.5 3.7 35.7% 32.4% 72.6% 2.6 0.7 7.06 (312th)

Want Him: He's an okay guy to have deep on the bench, and he can be signed without using any of the MLE. Almost prevented the Kidd trade.

Don't Want Him: He scored in double digits four times the entire season. He can't stay healthy and gets "food poisoning" at least three times a season. Temporarily blocked the Kidd trade.