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Summer League Opener Recap

For those of you who missed the game, or who were unable to watch because it ended up stating at 8:30 ish, I think its fair to say that I took away two things from our 86-69 loss.

1. We have a Mini-Damp, or Damp clone as Marie and I commonly reffered to him as last night, who fumbles the ball, has a had time finishing around the rim, huge upper body, headband, socks, BUT.... can shoot the three. Oh his name is Singleton, and we signed him yesterday.

2. Gerald Green is about the same as he was last time he played an NBA game. Explosive and energetic, but cant dribble and a little too over anxious.

Of course, bringing myself back down to reality, these summer league games are essentially 40 mins of what would otherwise be called NBA 4th quarter "garbage time". Its not pretty, because the guys who are out there try just a little too hard to be MJ or Kobe and take control of the game.

The Clippers looked really good, Faz included (though he still didnt do anything nor look like someone who I really regret letting go) but its the Mavs who really looked lost. It seemed as though it was all offense and no defense for this summer league team. Definitely a different mentality than a Avery squad might've had. Where Avery looked for defensive stoppers, Rick is definitely looking for shooters. And this summer league squad is full of "Mo Shots Agar" type players.

Green had a pretty sweet dunk at the beginning of the game, but was lost defensively most of the night, and couldnt dribble to save his life.

McLeod is well, to be frank, a 30 year old washed up point guard. He made one sweet cross over move to the basket, drew the foul, and that was about the extent of his night.

Reshawn Terry only played 15 min, but got to the line 6 times... the most of any Maverick all night.

Rhodes could be the next Pops 2.0, with a little bit of a jumper, but I think we already have one of those in Bass.

LOW (thanks bombdiggity), aka the Walter Herman starter kit, actually looked pretty good out there running the point... but it was only for a brief 3 minutes at the end of the game.

Foster actually looked really good I thought. He didnt try and be superman through out the game and actually looked poised... like an NBA player should. He didnt have the greatest of shooting nights, going 1-4 from 3, and 2-5 overall, but it seemed as though he was open most of the night, but the rest of the Kobe's (Mavs) only found him a few times for an open look. His defense was surprisingly good I thought.

Korolev, aka our white summer stiff for the year and probably Donnie Nelson's summer project, needs to just pack his bags and go home. He was just lost all of the night, and took away playing time from Ronnie and Miles.

Thats about it for now on the recap for last nights game. If you saw the game, feel free to comment on what you saw.


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