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Vegas Game 2 MAVS-Dubs: Open Thread

K, so I am opening this up early, to poll and see if we want to do live threading on the tape delay, or online. I know, I know, its summer league basketball... and it was mostly Marie and I last game, but I figure there to be a few more for a Sunday night game.

From what I have gathered from other people who tried to use the online feeds the other day, it had some issues. The game itself will start at 5 CST, with the tape delay playing locally (on ch. 21 in Dallas I think, and on NBA TV for sure)

Our good friends over at GSoM will have their pre-game stuff up early tomorrow I'm sure. And because of the history here between the teams, dont be surprised to see some of our old friends from the past (coma?) back on here. Please try to "restrain" yourselves (srdmad, miles, dirkatron, myself) and show some class should the situation arise. Its just summer league scrap ball. Besides, the whining beard is gone now, and all that's left is the teams shrink to deal with. But their summer league squad looks pretty good, with their draft pick Anthony Randolf showing up big for them and dropping in 30 points on the 76ers, he will be sure to give the Damp-clone a run for his money. Wright will also be a handful for us as well.

For the Mavs, I find it hard to believe that we can come out much worse than we did last game. Hopefully Pops makes it for this game. While there were some bright spots to come from Friday's game, the team as a whole got a D grade for the performance they gave against the Clippers. I at least hope to see a little more team defense, and smarter offensive plays to come from them. Let's also hope to see a little more Low and Ronnie, and them getting a little more than 3 minutes this game.

Oh and no more Korlev.