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Vegas Game 3 MAVS-Timberwolves: Open Thread

9 PM CST locally and online, tape delay at 1 am on NBA tv

Games will also be shown outside the AAC on HD screen.

If your following the Summer league team, you may have noticed that no one has really stood out as being a rotational type guy for the 08-09 season. Maybe that was a lot to ask, maybe I was putting a little too much stock into this years summer squad, but I was at least hoping for a few standout performances from some of our guys. Its only been two games, I realize that, and it all hasnt been bad... but it hasnt been REALLY good though either.

Here is wyn's preview over at CanisHoopus from the Timberwovles view on things. Of course Love will be playing his first game against us in a Wolves jersey... we should be so lucky. So is Rodney Carney.

Guy to watch for me is Singleton this game. He signed with us, and reports are coming out (see below) that he is this years Brandon Bass. He hasnt stood out to me as that caliper of a player so far, so I will be watching him more closely through out tonights game.