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OPEN THREAD: Mavs vs Iran, Ger vs Croats, P.R. vs Gre

Here is the preview for the Germany game and the PR game.  Mavs play Iran today at 3:15pm, and it should be online, on NBA tv and Ch. 21.

[Note by Toddy, 07/19/08 1:05 PM MDT ] Update: Germany loss today, even though Dirk put in 30 and 13.  Should Puerto Rico lose as well, we will see a JJB vs Dirk match-up to qualify for the Olympics.

Puerto Rico is playing live now on

Also McLeod, Seibutis and Pop Sow are no longer on the Mavs SL team.  

"To help fill out the roster, the Mavs added Darryl Watkins, a 6-11 center who played nine games with Sacramento last season and another 40 in the D-League.

McLeod hasn’t been cut. His absence in Salt Lake City is a courtesy that’s been extended to the veteran point guard. He remains under contract, though it’s a make-good deal that’s not presently guaranteed. He’s not currently free to sign with another team.

It became obvious that Seibutis wouldn’t stick with the big club this fall, so the promising guard is headed back to Europe for more seasoning. He could also stand to pack on a few more pounds of muscle. The Mavs continue to hold his NBA rights.

As for Sow, the forward did show flashes in Vegas. His chances of making the roster were slim, so leaving the Mavs allows him to hook on somewhere else."