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Wednesday Stuff: VOTE FOR DIRK

Hat-tip to Coolste, who has been keeping us updated with all things Dirk related right now after Germany qualified for the Olympics. Coolste also notes in the comments that there is a petition out there for Dirk carrying the National flag at the Olympics. Get on it fast.


Mavs Summer league team lost yesterday to Golden State. Check out the official recap here which has post game interviews with Low and Ellie. Art Garcia sums it up better than the Jazz site does here:

Three Warriors scored in double figures as Golden State upended the Mavs 90-73 today at the Rocky Mountain Revue. Dallas was down just one point after the third quarter, but the Warriors outscored the boys in blue by 16 in fourth.

Gerald Green followed up yesterday's 27-point outing with a team-high 17 in 22 minutes. Reyshawn Terry added 14 and free-agent rookie Reggie Williams scored 11.

Star-telegram recap here as well.

On a side note also, Singleton returned to Dallas on Monday, which leaves Green and Foster the only two guys who the Mavs staff are probably looking at from here on out. Remember that Foster does not have a contract with the Mavs yet. They also brought in Courtney Sims on Monday, who spent some time with the Indiana last year. From what I have seen thus far up here, he looks to be an ok big guy. Definitely a work in progress though.


Kurt Thomas resigns with the Spurs.

Josh Childress is off to play in Greece. Supposedly signed a 3 year deal worth more than 20 Million after taxes. And though he was a restricted free-agent, the Hawks can't match what European teams offer him.

Could this be the start of a new trend with NBA players, or is this a fluke deal? is now suggesting that the rival team of whom Josh went to, could now be looking at Deng.

Malice at the Palace... Take 2 says that Dampier has the 6th worst contract in the NBA.


[Note by Toddy, 07/23/08 12:34 PM MDT ] Updated Free Agent List... Both restricted and unrestricted. In case you're curious as too who is still out there, and who we could work a S&T for.