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Weekend Recap

Mavs wrapped up the Summer League on Friday, with a 82-70 win over the Jazz.  Art Garcia has a great recap of the play in Salt Lake this last week, and has some great things to say about Rhodes:

The rugged 6-8, 245-pound rookie forward out of Mississippi State averaged nearly 10 points and five rebounds, while shooting a robust 62 percent. Rhodes does his damage inside, much as last year’s summer league find Brandon Bass. As we all know, Bass has been designated Dirk Nowitzki’s backup, so making the team is no easy task for Rhodes. But coaches tend to have a hard time parting with frontcourt bangers with potential.

Gerald Green made the All RMR team, and missed the scoring title of the Salt Lake event by about 5 points to Morris Almond.  The Salt Lake Tribune had nice things to say on his recent play:

Playing with the Mavericks, Gerald Green is pretty much down to his last chance in terms of making himself an NBA player. He's always been an NBA athlete, but this week, Green showed signs of rounding out his game. He led Dallas by scoring 19 points per game, he showed off his jumper, and he was great on the fast break, finishing off several plays with highlight dunks. He's still got a ways to go, but the Mavericks have to be encouraged with how Green played this week.


Finely to Dallas? is reporting that Finely has been looking at Dallas (with a few others as well) as a possible destination next year. 

Speculation around the league, though, has Finley looking at league powers like the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics.

"There are other teams, championship-caliber teams that want Michael," Thomas said. "But he is not going to be in a hurry. If you know Michael, you know he is going to think about this very carefully and make the right decision for him and his family."

While I like the idea of Finely returning and retiring in a Mavs uniform, I in no way would like to see him, Stack, and Jones on the team together.  With that position already being logged-jamed, I cant see why he would be drawn to the Mavs over someone else should he be looking for 10-20 minutes a game.   Should we do a deal though, that rids us of Stack and Jones, and in we have a need to bring in someone with playoff experience and leadership, I can think of no one better.

If you thought Kidd was a jolt to Dirk's game, imagine what having Finely back would do to him... again though, only if Stack and Jones are GONE.


Pure speculation Josh Smith to Dallas rumor via Atlanta Journal....

There are at least two, blockbuster sign-and-trade proposals the Hawks are chewing on regarding Smith (one from a Western Conference power and the other from an Eastern Conference big dog) that could dramatically change the landscape in Hawksville.

Is Dallas a Western Conference power?  Perhaps, but when you look down the list of powerhouse's in the West, who else could be trying to pull a move like this? 


Reports are that the Mavs could be interested in Devin Brown.  While the need for a more legitimate back up point guard seems to fall in a fairly distant 2nd to the starting SG spot in terms of needs and priority, it's still one that needs to be addressed.  JJB is good and all, but will he legitimately be the back up point guard on this team?  Hmmmm...


Cuban is putting in what is believed to be the highest bid for the Cubs at about 1.3 billion... those who are worried about him managing both the Mavs and Cubs should take a look at what Mike Fisher has to say about it...

"I have no intentions of selling the Mavs. Cubs or not,"....

It’s not either/or, fellas....

So, in total, we’ve got about 12 years, about 13 men, about 120 franchises -- and exactly 29 of those franchises that have worked under the umbrella of the sort of dual ownership Cuban would attempt. If they can do it. … and in many cases, as successfully as “one-owner’’ teams do it. … why can’t Mark Cuban? Especially if you are Telander or Cohen and you obviously believe so sincerely in Cuban’s skill set?


Dirk on Cuban after clinching the Olympics...

"I have not heard from him," Nowitzki says. "I understand his position, but he knows how important the Olympics are for me. I'm very thankful that he tolerates my decision to play for my country in the summer."


George possibly landing in Detroit?  Fine by me to be honest with you.  Though I dont see Detroit offering more than the Vet Min for him, as long as he is not in a Mavs, Suns, or Spurs uniform next year, all is fine by me.