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This is a move, that propels a team in the bottom half of the playoff picture, to one of the top 3 or 4 in the West. It was the deal Dallas was supposed HAD to do become a contender.

I am so angry right now, I could spit fire.

N41D broke it first, and summaries the trade the best...

So Bobby Jackson's expiring contract, a pick, and presumably Donte Greene is enough value for you to trade Artest, but Stackhouse, Bass and possibly a draft pick weren't enough?

I dont understand why this looks any better than A. the deal we proposed a week and a half ago, B, any other significant additions we could have added to also take on KT's contract (IE sending Jones and doing a S&T with say George).

Why take a chance on a 1st round pick, when you have someone who is already young and up and coming? Both Jackson and Stack's contracts are about the same, only that Stackhouse has 2 million dollars guaranteed after this year. Is that what the hick-up was about? An extra year with Stack, and the possibility of having to pay him 2 million?

I just dont get this deal from both the Kings perspective, and from the Mavs. I KNEW Artest could be had with out Howard, and for cap space and promising players.

And what of the Rockets now, they gonna start Battier, T-Mac and Artest now?

[UPDATE by Wes 10:46] Mike Fisher chimes in and is just as bewildered/dissapointed as everyone else -- even his thoughts that Mavs still have something in the works seem like squinting to try and see light at the end of a very long tunnel.

I still believe in their mindset, and that their mindset assumes a coming move.

Or two.

But as I type that, my fingers gently weep. … and I think my knuckles are on the verge of a nervous breakdown.