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"Hang in there"

Yeah, I'm still bugged at the Artest deal. I'm done talking and debating it though... unless Sacramento can be somehow be talked out of that deal, its time to shut it out and move on.

Various names have come up on these boards about the Mavs potential options this off-season as to how we become a legitimate contender. The Mavs personal continue to insist that we "hang in there". Hang in there with the Kidd deal, hang in there with "loving the team", hang in there with Josh, with Avery, with Donnie, the Draft, and now a potential move that turns this team into a legit contender.

[Note by Toddy, 07/31/08 12:13 AM MDT ] More fun quotes, by Carlise :

“As we say in TV, ‘Stay tuned'”

Ok fine, I'll try and be patient by occupying my time with Kidd, Dirk and the Olympics for now. Hanging in there though still wont prevent me from venting a little and finding the time to come up with possible trade scenarios which could somehow surpass the deal that the Rockets just got with Artest.

So whose the guy we should be hanging in there for? Chrs Sheridan just came on Sportscenter and talked about the next biggest-name player to be traded. He said that Atlanta is playing hard ball with Josh in what they are offering him, but still thinks its highly unlikely he will get traded. He also mentions that Billups and Prince could be moved, but only in a blockbuster deal, which probably doesnt include Bass or Stack. He finished up his report by saying that we should keep an eye on Marion.

To me, keeping an eye on Marion, and somehow landing him, would be a reason for me to hang on. Dont ask me how it can be done, nor bring up his pride issues that he had with the Suns (besides, we were talking about taking on Artest for goodness sake) or the reasoning why Miami or Dallas would do it... but if Dallas were to land him without having to give up Josh... its one of a few moves that I I think we should be willing to "hang in there" for.