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USA vs Turkey: Open Thread

Better wake up early for this one, tip off is at 7 am CST.  You can see it live on ESPN2 or

More Mavs stuff below...

Some random stuff : Next year's schedule does not come out til next week, but we know for sure who we play last... again. H/T to for this


While your there, check out the write-up atthehive did on the comparision between CP13 and D-Will in the first exhibition game they had a few days ago against Canada... and where Kidd fits in with it all. 

I missed the last game, so I cant comment much, but from the report above from atthehive, it sounds like Coach K has Kidd playing like Avery did.... a lot of dumping the ball down low or to a swingman, and then watching the ISO play develop.  So that should be fun for us to relive nightmare again in the Olympics. 


Ex-Mav Josh Powell got waived... please dont go get him.


Oh and please keep Rhodes from going to Europe.  Especially if you're looking to move Bass in a trade, he could become quite useful. 

Charles Rhodes isn’t a training camp lock. The rugged forward is mulling over various European offers and hasn’t committed to a tryout with the Mavs yet....

“We see Rhodes as an athletic, tenacious 4-5 type that can shoot the mid-range shot and is a very good rebounder,” Rick Carlisle said.


Stern recommends Cuban to the MLB to buy the Cubs

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks has been fined more than $1.3 million by Stern for criticizing referees. When asked what he would tell Major League Baseball owners about Cuban, Stern replied in an e-mail, ``They should welcome him.''


George isnt having much luck finding a new home... not even with his good friends the Lakers.  Good news for us is that he is going to be more open to a S&T in which he will get most likely get paid WAY more than he is worth, though it only be most likely for 1 year.