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July 9th: Where REAL FA signings happen

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Hope everyone had a great 4th last weekend.  Looks like there were quite a few new rumors and signings/verbal commitments that happened since my last Maggette breakdown.

First off, the Diop deal.  Is he worth it, not worth it?  Too long?  Mike Fisher seems to suggest here (thanks to dirk41 for this one) that the Mavs are going to get him for MLE money, but not necessarily for the MLE. 

Interesting.  Is Diop worth trading some of our assests for, which from our end would include guys otherwise be used to go after the likes of the Artests, VC's, Josh Smiths, etc. and saving the MLE for the likes of Posey, Miles (restricted), or even... Maggette?  Or should we just go ahead and use the MLE on Diop, and use our trade assests for that gaping hole at the 2/3 spot?

At this point, I think its fair that to most of us, it hurts our head to think too much about whats the best possible way of filling this teams needs... so here's to hoping that Cuban just gets it done either way.


Should we not use the MLE on Diop, one guy who we could end up seeing again and who is drawing interests to the Mavs, is Najera.

Once the biggest names on the market have been locked in, teams will be looking to find role players. One who has been drawing a lot of interest: PF Eduardo Najera, who helped his stock by extending his shooting range to the 3-point line. Some old friends -- the Dallas Mavericks, and his old Mavericks coach, the Warriors' Don Nelson -- are interested in Najera, along with the Nets, New Orleans Hornets and his current team, the Denver Nuggets.


Lue has it down to 3 teams who he would like to end up with next year...  bleh... he will probably get the most minutes in Phx, plus he is looking for a 2 year deal.  And now that we have JJB for the next 3 years, I'd like to see him embrace that back up role and become a little more consistent.


Many of you have George as being a lock for either returning to this team to play next year, or returning only to be traded again.  Well, it looks like he is drawing interest from 6 teams (wow, thats seems like 6 too many to me)

Meanwhile, Devean George, whom the Mavs have placed a high priority on re-signing, is receiving considerable attention from about a half dozen teams.

A league source said keen interest from Phoenix, San Antonio, Minnesota, Cleveland and New Orleans is making George seriously contemplate his next move.


Summer League starts this Friday... thanks Marie for posting the schedule and times.  We will have an open thread up for those nights, for those who get it and can make it.