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The Black hole we have at SG



Diop is signed, JJB is on the way.  Only thing left now is to sign and trade to fill this ever growing hole we have at the SG spot.  Below are some ideas to fill it, put your proposals in as you think of ways the Mavs can fill it.


First off, any deal that we do for these guys, its my opinion that JET, not Josh, must be dealt.  While he is a great locker room guy, shoots the ball well, and is a great towel thrower… he is too small to defender the larger SGs in the league.  His value is as high as it will ever be from here on out, and I think now would be the perfect time to move him.

Marion.  While his game is similar to that of Josh, it really isn’t.  The guy cant create for himself, and seems to hustle a lot more than Josh does.  He brings a defensive presence to the team that we haven’t had, helps our underachieving centers rebound, and spreads the floor with an occasional 3.  Paired up with Jason Kidd, and Josh at the 2 putting up shots, our starting 5 would be quite the starting 5 both defensively and offensively.  Attitude a huge issue.  Miami reportedly looking to shop him though.

Artest.  Much of what was said about Marion, can be said about Artest.  Except he is 2 years younger, and about half the price.  He would be harder to get, without giving up Josh though IMO… Sacramento just doesn’t want to revisit Bibby 2.0 (JET) again.

VC.  This is intriguing because the guy is an offensive machine.  But his game reminds me a lot of Stackhouse’s when he was younger, and I think that as he gets older, he will keep moving farther away from the basket… which one cant be too excited about.  He defense is subject at times, but seems to have the legs and body to stay with his man most of the time.  His contract would be a nightmare for the Mavs as well.

Josh Smith.  Tons of upside, young, athletic, and energetic.  Too me, this is like having a skinnier version of Bass, but who can rebound as well.  Unfortunately, it would probably take quite a bit to get him here, as the Clippers are now looking to offer way too much for him, and Atlanta more than likely wont match it.

Posey.  Bringing him here really doesn’t do much for me.  I think his play for Boston last year is a little over rated, and he probably is going to get more money than what he is worth.  If we did bring him here, it would probably be just another spare part that this team is already full off.

Harrington.  It seems as though GS is trying to shop him.  Not a fan of bringing him here, but it is an option as he is not a true PF, and probably prefers the SF spot anyway.

Jefferson/Redd.  It would be nice, but after seeing Bogut get his payday today, its highly unlikely they are going to move one of those guys.  I think they now see themselves as contenders out East.  Unless Jefferson demands a trade, I dont think the Bucks will be dealing any time soon.

Other names who are SG/SF FA’s, but who are guys that the Mavs probably wont or shouldn’t touch.





JR Smith

Ricky Davis





Wright (wouldn’t mind him back actually)