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USA throttles Germany by 49

[Note by Toddy, 08/23/08 12:34 PM MDT ] Sorry, the USA won by 49, beating Germany 106-57.  Thanks srdmad for pointing that out.

Dirk's Olympics hopes are done now, as Team USA whipped Germany 107-56.

Germany missed nine of its first 10 shots, including a blown dunk and a botched putback by Los Angeles Clippers center Kaman. Bryant missed a dunk, too, during that stretch, but Howard and James had consecutive slams to make it 18-3.

Gheez, I expected Germany to lose, heck I expected them to get blown out even, but 51 points?  Come on.  That's just straight embarrassing. 


Howard is neither humbled nor apologetic...

I wish I could report that Josh is sorry for his recent arrest in North Carolina for drag racing. I wish I could report that Josh regrets his late-season admission that he smokes pot. And I wish I could report that Josh is atwitter about the upcoming basketball season, ready to redeem himself after a horrible post All-Star break that ended in his total flameout against the Hornets in the playoffs.

But, sorry, I can’t report any of that. Because the truth is – in his first public comments since the July 31 arrest – Josh was merely pissed at the media.

Wow... you have got to be kidding me.


In a 180 degree turn to a class act, hinduplaya proposed a poll and discuses why the Mavs should retire Finely's number.