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USA vs Russia 2am CST: Open Thread

Set the TiVo's or VCR's if you wanna catch this one...  Unless you're like me and dont sleep at nights.  Games will be live on ESPN2 and

Atthehive is doing some impressive work in scoring and analyzing the play of Kidd, Willams, and Paul.  Check out his latest play-by-play breakdown of yesterday's game vs Lithuania, in what looks like to have been Kidd's best performance of the Summer Olympics so far...  though it be for only 11 minutes of play...

Let's start with JKidd. He only got 11 minutes of burn; I think if he had played the 20+ minutes that Paul and Williams did, he easily would've contributed as much. Simply put, Kidd was on top of his game today. He was aggressive on both sides of the court, didn't try to make too many fancy passes (as he did in games 1 and 2), and eschewed that in favor of solid, fundamental basketball. If Coach K. had the slightest doubts about Kidd as a starter, today must have quelled those.