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Blasco Blows

That is all for now from me. Read the following at your own risk...

Erick Blasco from ranks the following...

Top PF's Dirk ranks... 10th behind Tim, Garnett, Brand, West, STAT, Bosh, Gasol, Boozer and Artest... wait... what?

10) Dirk Nowitzki—Dallas Mavericks

Slightly tougher now than a couple of years ago (but only at home), and a much more willing rebounder, Nowitzki is still, essentially, an oversized jump shooter.

Defenders who can get up in Dirk’s grill and move their feet neutralize Dirk’s ability to pull and shoot going left, and only the weakest of post defenders have difficulty pushing Dirk around near the shadow of the basket. Combined with the inability to rouse his troops when all the chips are on the table, and a complete lack of defense, Dirk barely cracks the Top Ten.

Wow. Just unbelievablyfreakingwow.

On to the top Euros now. He has Yao, Gasol, Manu all ahead of Dirk.

4. Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks/Germany)

By all means, Dirk should really be number one on this list. However, despite being the best player in the history of the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas is one of the most inconsistent teams in the NBA.

Dallas has been a mainstay in the playoffs for the last eight years, and they have one Western Conference title and no rings to show for it. They usually end up with one of the best win totals in the league, and yet they are consistently sent out in the first round or the Western Finals.

Dirk is one of the best-shooting big men in NBA history. It is not surprising that he totals 100 blocks and 100 three-pointers in the same season, all while averaging 23 points and eight rebounds.

Dirk's high scoring average, along with other stats, tends to stay the same during the playoffs—yet somehow, he is virtually invisible. He also seems to lack confidence in his teammates.

Dirk was the first foreign-born player in the NBA to win the MVP award, in 2007. The seven-footer accepted the award after the 67-win Mavericks lost in the first round to the eighth-seeded Golden State Warriors.

I guess 7 seasons of 50+ wins and 8 seasons of playoffs would seem a bit inconsistent.... what a joke.

K, I'm holding back more thoughts and frustrations til later today when I've cooled down.

My rankings after the break. Feel free to re-rank as well in the comments.

Top PF's

  1. Tim
  2. Amare
  3. Dirk
  4. Sheed (Blasco has him as a C, but he starts at PF)
  5. Garnett
  6. West
  7. Bosh
  8. Brand
  9. Boozer
  10. Gasol

Top Euro's

  1. Dirk
  2. Manu
  3. Yao
  4. Parker
  5. Turk
  6. Gasol
  7. Okur
  8. Peja
  9. Barbosa
  10. Z