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Thanks Kelly Dwyer

The following is from yahoo's, which has nominated MMB as one of the best Mavericks blogs around...

Can you really count Mark Cuban's groundbreaking blog in this instance? Or how about Amanda's consistently funny and engaging reads from You Go Live In Utah?

Copping out, in order to try and list five blogs where three would do? You bet! Don't bet on the Mavs, they'll struggle to win 50 this year, but bet on these blogs.

3. SPORTSDAY — Tim McMahon's blog, he was the guy who Mark Cuban wanted to ban from the Dallas locker room, and for good reason. Tim's good at his job. All the best are banish-o-ble.

2. Dallas Basketball — These guys have been around forever, actin' all mainstream, asking smart questions, getting it right, covering the team properly. Ban 'em!

1. Mavs Moneyball — Speaking of getting it right, well, you guessed it. Wes knows what he's doing, doesn't overreact (that's significant, and especially rare among team bloggers), and covers the Mavericks expertly.

Now I speak for myself on this in that I really appreciate Kelly acknowledging us over here at MMB.  But both Mike and Tim at the other two sites do an OUTSTANDING job of covering and reporting on the Mavs.  They are able to get inside information that neither Wes (I think) nor myself have access too and can report on.  Their analysis and break downs of everything Mavs is something that I have followed for years, and we quite often quote them here at MMB.  I highly recommend that anyone who visits us over here at MMB, to also drop in on those guys from time to time as well.

Anyway, enough of the flattering remarks for those two...  Now if we could only get J.E. to finally get our link up on his site!