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Ron's two cents

via sacbee...

"I think josh howards comment is a reflection on education. I think the schools need to teach deeper in the history classes and make the students aware of racism but also teach them that all people are not bad. "I can relate to not feeling wanted by my own country at times but as I dug deeper I realized that America is divided and we need leaders to bring America closer together. An example where I felt unwanted by my country was when I didn't get a chance to tryout for my national team. I believed it was because of my history.

I hope he overcomes this.

Family 1st"

Such an inspiration...

Even the guy WHO NEVER SEEMS TO STOP YELLING weighs in...

But what Howard doesn't seem to get -- and he's joined in this by some members of the hip-hop and entertainment community, or anyone black willing to disseminate and perpetuate perspectives devoid of facts -- is the damage their moments of exasperating expression ultimately costs the very people they believe they're looking out for.

It has to stop now.

Speaking of which, all you SAS lovers out there, make sure to check this out!