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Mark makes his point


As much as I felt posting my "Thanks for the Advice on Josh Howard" post was the right thing to do, I have had an upset stomach all day because of it.

I thought it was important to point out the hatred and ignorance of so many who quickly judge people they have never met, based purely on soundbites and headlines. If you think you know any public figure based on what you see on TV or read on the internet or in newspapers, you are sadly mistaken.

I wanted to point out the irony of them experiencing the onslaught of attention from suddenly and unexpectedly being placed in the media spotlight from a throwaway comment.

Try being in a position of always having to be "on" and checking for cameras, because if you let down your guard, any soundbite, even one as short as 11 seconds, can turn into headline news across the country, no matter what the context. Its not always easy. Nor is it easy to just accept that its part of being a "public figure" .

I also knew that because of the email addresses being included, they would be receiving the same level of hate, ignorance and judgment that Josh and I had. They would get the same type of ignorant email threats of "I wont do business with your company again", from people who have never done business with their company. The "I’m going to email your boss and all your sponsors" threats, because that’s the way people try to shout down other people these days.

That’s what bothered me all day. So I have removed the post.

Hopefully something good came from it being posted.

Hat tip to DerekSTheRed, in the comments of Ron's two cents.