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"Championship or Bust"

Tim is reporting live from camp on somethings he noticing...

But Rick Carlisle's Mavs have the bar set high. There's still a championship-or-bust tone coming from Mark Cuban's employees at the AAC.

"You know, everybody's writing us off," Dirk Nowitzki said, "but I think we're a lot closer than everybody thinks."

"We've got a training camp with everybody together," Dirk said. "That's definitely something we missed last season - getting everybody on the same page with Jason [Kidd], him knowing all the plays by heart and the defensive calls. I don't think all the time we were on the same page. If you want to be one of the best, everybody has to pull on the same string."

Nothing really new here, as this stuff was being spit out by the Mavs FO even before the playoffs started last year. They still are stuck on that theory though heading into camp, which is good given that no major moves were made this off-season.

My question is though, if things dont turn out as planned, how long before they realize we are a still a SG short of a championship contender, and if that move is made how long before we see a repeat of the "well, we need a full training camp together" statements again should the Mavs get knocked out in the first round?