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Saturday Morning Roundup

Dirk sums it up.

"You give up 70 points in the paint, which is a joke," said Dirk Nowitzki. "You give Shaq eight dribbles, it's just an embarrassment."

An embarassing joke.


Josh Howard plans on having more x-rays taken on his wrist when the team gets back to Dallas.

"Of course, it hurts like hell. I'll have to keep it up above my heart so it won't hurt as much.

"You always want to go back home. These X-ray machines here at the gym are not like what they are when you're at the main hospital facilities," Howard said. "Of course, I've had injuries on this wrist before, so you never know if they're looking at old stuff or new stuff."


Gerald Green really should have come in during the third quarter last night.  It's not like he was going to make the defense worse, and if he scores 11 points in a 2:21 second span like he did in the 4th maybe things are at least slightly interesting.  OK, probably not, but I would have liked to see him sooner anyway.


And Sefko has a Jerry Stackhouse update saying Dallas wants to keep him fresh for the playoffs.  Yeah, suuuure....

"Our plan is to have him ready for a playoff push," Nelson said. "Our focus is to get him healthy for the playoffs."

Nelson added that the team is listening to anybody who calls.