Sunday shopping

The latest trade rumor is brought to us courtesy of  This article states that there is a three-team trade in the works which would send Earl Watson from OKC Thunder and Gana Diop to Charlotte, and in return we would get the Bobcats' Raymond Felton.

Now, is this a good thing (if there is even a grain of truth to the rumor)?  Felton is pretty talented (averaging 13.2 PPG and 6.1 APG this season) but we have glaring holes in the 5 and 2 positions.  We become an even smaller team by getting rid of Diop and while the small, "bastardized" lineup (Carlisle's own words!) may work from time to time, against teams with a more formidable post presence (no need to look further than last Friday's massacre), it would be our undoing.

So, is this a good, bad, or lateral move?  Anything to get Diop off the books is probably a good thing, but at the risk of getting smaller, is that a smart idea?

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