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Star-Telegram No Longer Covering The Mavs

This has been public for quite a while, but it's been officially announced by the parties involved.

Beginning Feb. 1, The News will provide its beat coverage of the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars to the Star-Telegram.

In exchange, the Star-Telegram will share its Texas Rangers coverage with The News. The two will continue to cover the Dallas Cowboys separately.

In short, Jeff Caplan and Jan Hubbard will only be covering the Mavs  for about three more weeks.   While I was pretty upset when I first heard of this, most of that stemmed from Evan Grant no longer covering the Rangers.  From a Mavs standpoint my feelings are a bit more muted.  While I think Sefko and Caplan both did well, the fact is their article each morning were nearly identical.  They thought the same, used the same quotes etc...

Still, as Mark Cuban pointed out a few weeks ago less coverage can only be a bad thing.