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Friday Morning Roundup

Sefko has an article with a quotes from Rick Carlise about the team having to 'fight' and 'battle' etc...

Caplan has a similar article but focuses on Josh Howard being out.

"Two weeks ago they didn't have Boozer, [Paul] Millsap and [Mehmet] Okur, which is like 60 points a game combined, and we found a way to lose [in Utah]," Nowitzki said. "Josh [Howard] has been out for us, so at this point, injuries are just part of the game. We've just got to find a way to win. That's the bottom line."

Howard’s absence has been monumental for the Mavericks, and although it has become fashionable to judge the team when it is short one of its best players, any intelligent conclusion about the quality of the team can be made only when players are completely healthy.


JR Smith will not be suspended for throwing the elbow that missed Wright's head.


And Randy Galloway actually has a Mavs article and decides to tell everyone he saw this coming and asks where the people calling for his friend Avery Johnson's head are now.  You hear that everyone, Randy Galloway knows more about basketball than you!  Listen to him! /sarcasm