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Saturday Stuff

Carlisel explains the decision to trade Diop.

"Damp's [Erick Dampier] good play and the fact it's hard to divvy up 96 minutes between the '4' [power forward] and '5' [center] players [is why Diop was expendable],"

David Moore has quotes from Donn Nelson on the trade, who frames the deal as an acquisition of Matt Carroll.  It will be interesting to see whose minutes will be most effected by Carroll's presence.  Wright?  George?

Matt Carroll and Ryan Hollins will not be with the Mavs tonight for their game against Utah.

David Lord at likes the trade because it accomplished unloading Diop without sacrificing any of the teams other assets.

With this version of a Diop trade, the Mavs have retained their pieces in order to target a difference-maker in what we hope will be "The Trade.'' Because it allows the chance to continue to hope they can actually turn those assets into the upgrades that are so needed for their future, I applaud that.


Moore has a good article on the pressure this team puts on Dirk and Terry to score when Howard is out and wonders Matt Carroll spreading the court will help.

"Opponents know that, too, that Jet and myself need big games for us to win. They're coming for us. They are usually trapping Jet off the pick-and-roll, trapping me when I post-up and make me swing it to the weak side."

The problem is the weak-side shooter can't buy an open jumper. Jason Kidd has failed in that role. Matt Carroll's 3-point pedigree is the reason the Mavericks obtained him...


Caplan has some quotes from Dirk about playing Utah -- not exactly his favorite team.


And finally, Hubbard and Fisher both have stuff on Cuban's latest charitable efforts.