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Sunday Roundup

Important win last night to end the slide before the road trip.

"Look, it's a game we had to get," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "Our veteran guys showed major-league guts. Utah was firing on all cylinders offensively and our guys, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry and Dirk just made play after play, offensively and defensively, down the stretch."

There were positive signs besides the result as well.

The Mavericks scored an uncharacteristically high 40 points in the paint.

"Make or miss, we attacked the basket and got some second and third opportunities," Kidd said. "That's something we have to continue to keep doing."

That fact is probably what resulted in two other notable stats from last nights win.  Dallas had their best rebounding game of the season -- grabbing 60% of missed shots.  Dallas also broke the 60% barrier for the first time in eFG% (a personal favorite stat) - Dallas had over a 60% eFG in seven games last season.

Mike Fisher has his "morning donuts" and points out that, even with Dirk and Terry combining for 61, others had to chip in.

Brandon "The Animal'' Bass had a season-high 17 points off the bench and survived being sucked into playing some perimeter defense. Antoine Wright scored 11 and Jason Kidd - of late mostly taking nine shots and making one of them - upped that to taking 10 shots and making three of them. Seriously, Kidd's 11 points (all three of his makes were on four 3-point tries) were a big help.


Jason Terry on the Mavs scouting report of Matt Carroll.

"When he's on the floor, you're not going to leave him," Mavericks guard Jason Terry said of his new teammate. "I mean, that was our scouting report.

"You leave him open, you can count it up as three points."

It doesn't sound like Rick Carlisle is sure how he'll use Carroll at this point.

"Matt brings a specific skill to our team, so from that standpoint, it's good. We have other guys that bring other specific skills. I don't think I can really give you a definite answer at this point, but I do know he's a good player and I know he can help us."


David Moore has an overview of the Mavs competition in the West.

I know it's hard to believe, but Dallas is only 3.5 games out of 2nd place in the West.