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Friday Morning Links

Mike Fisher writes about Josh Howard's new years resolution ("Don't repeat 2008."), and wonders exactly what he means.

It would be a shame if Josh Howard made it sound as if "avoiding the media'' is a solution to his problems because of a simmering distrust of a collection of people who, on the whole, like the guy and wish him no ill. But it would be even worse if he believes that and therefore also believes that he really didn't really have any behavioral problems because it was all the fault of the "instantaneous 24-media machine.''

He also painted a picture of Josh with his pants down.


Jason Kidd on the Mavs Turnaround.

"When everybody hasn't talked about us making the playoffs, we're a game and a half out in what I think is one of the toughest [divisions]. We're right there with some of the top teams in this league.

"That's the way we look at it is, we can be whatever we want. We can be as good as we want or we can be as bad as we want."


Carlisle thinks Dirk should get more calls.

"It's a situation we're looking at. He's unusual because he's a 7-footer that plays up above the free-throw line. The rules above the free-throw line are different than below. Because he's 7-feet, sometimes I worry that he's getting viewed as a big man but not getting the same kind of benefit that the perimeter players get in terms of calls.

"We're certainly not pointing a finger publicly here. But if there's something that needs to be looked at; the league will look at it if we can make a case."

I think this is something all Mavs fans have agreed on for years and most have given up on ever seeing change, but go for it Coach!


Jan Hubbard makes the case that Kidd is still an elite PG with some quotes from Randy Foye.

"I just think people basically say he's lost a step because of his age," Foye said. "I really don't see it. I see that he doesn't do things that he did five years ago just because he's conscious of his age that he might not be able to do it, or if he keeps going that he might not play much longer. But I see him playing at least five more years - and strong years."