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Tuesday Morning Roundup

Rick Carlisle says there was no doubt who the ball was going to at the end of the game.

"Dirk was the guy we wanted to get the ball to," Carlisle said. "That's how you draw it up. And he did a great job of backing in and creating some separation. And when he gets to that turnaround in the key area, there's nobody better."

And Dirk on the shot postgame.

"It was fun," Nowitzki said. "I was kind of still backpedaling and the ball was still in the air. And once I saw it fall through, Antoine [Wright] was the first one there and almost dragged me to the ground. But it was fun.

"Wins like that can bring a team even more together. We know we have a tough trip, especially ending up in Detroit and [against] Boston on ABC on Sunday. So we definitely needed to get off to a good start."


Sefko says Hollins made an impact in the game, which is true, but he goes a little overboard in my opinion.

Hollins made more impact plays in his first 19 minutes, 21 seconds as a Maverick than Diop did in the first 39 games of the season.


Hubbard has an article on Matt Carroll with the typical "new opportunity" quotes.


Mark Cuban says Dirk is available -- ok, not really.

"If there's just a deal I can't pass up, I'm not going to be religious about cap room," Cuban said. "If I could trade Dirk for Kobe, LeBron and someone else, you'd have to consider it. When teams call about players, they all want bargains. We don't give bargains. We try to get bargains."