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Postgame Quotes From Hell

Rick Carlisle

We held them to 29% in the first quarter, so I think it's really a case where... 2nd quarter they shot 83% from the field, 3rd quarter they shot 79%... it's just not getting it done defensively.  Hey, they've got shot makers and a lot of good players, but we didn't fight hard enough -- particularly in those two quarters and then it got away from us.

Anyway to explain the let down?

I don't know.  Again, we played well in the first.  We have a tendency when it's going well to let teams back in at times.  When we get down early we fight back.  It's a trend we have to reverse because you can't win this league coming from behind.  And you can't win consistently if you don't play for 48 minutes,  So we knew this team was going to be a team that battles.  After the first quarter they out battled us.

Dallas defensive efficiency tonight? 140.53.